I offer a large number of approaches that will help you nurture your mind, body and self. Engage with you to overcome your personal and health challenges, and allow you to hope, dream and love yourself and your life again. I cater to each woman's personal needs in order to help them learn to manage a life filled with uncertainty and do so understanding the journey.

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Helping women who have been traumatized from a shock illness learn how to move on. If you are ready to receive help moving from where you have been emotionally, to a state of calm, although it takes some effort to get there, you will not be alone.

Once you have had time to digest your situation and are ready to move forward, be open to the possibility that even now, with a significant health issue, your life can still be one filled with joy, meaning, and fulfillment. You need to give yourself permission to hope and really understand to your core that you are worthy and loved.

No one plans for an illness of any sort. It's not what you expected for your life. Life may be or may look very different now. How we manage and react to that difference is entirely our choice. You will receive so much help and support in this area. An illness, no matter what it is, isn't something your brain was trained for or conditioned for, but there is so much you can still learn & do. Right now, you may not be able to see it, but you will.  

I know from experience that each of us deserves to live more aware, happy, and in control of what is possible, even if that feels entirely impossible at this moment. You can get there. For yourself, your family and your friends. You deserve to live each day with presence and peace of mind, living a life with joy in complete fulfillment.

Feel free to contact me with any questions on how you can transform your life after diagnosis.