I have worked with very young women making their own choices for the first time to those much older facing their own choices along with most everything in between. I speak as someone who became a corporate professional at a young age and who is now living with 3 rare diseases and several more diagnosis resulting from them. I am not only a transformational coach, but a patient that has to traverse a confused (at best) medical system, itself requiring all the talent and knowledge I have gained. 

As one can imagine, it's been challenging to say the least, but we have managed to live life with complete fulfillment. It wasn't always that way, it took several years to adjust and keep adjusting, now it's just life. We learned how to travel the globe over the last 20 years in and out of treatment. I always knew where the closest hospital was that could treat me. During a good period we would travel somewhere without medical care, it was always a risk worth taking. The only road unknown is the one not taken.  I am as lucky as I am unlucky I suppose. I have a beautiful daughter who I am so proud of and a loving husband, life has been very good to me, regardless of my health.

I’ve been helping women for as long as I can remember. My sense of justice and fairness kicked in quite early. When the illnesses struck with such devastating consequences, I suppose perhaps that's what life had trained me to overcome. I have received an critical medical diagnosis for more than 20 years. Helping women in that arena came as second nature. The medical double standard is real. I help other patients realize they are still firmly in control of their lives and how they want to be both seen and heard.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your issues, scared to speak with family or friends please reach out. I learned long ago how to manage the shock life can deliver and have turned it into action, every woman should have those tools. You can as well.